Hydronic Heating - Under Floor (In Screed)

South Yarra Hydronic Heating In Screed

Blue Foam positioning board was used in this architecturally designed home with white Pex B Hydronic pipe. There were 2 Immergas Boilers, one for the downstairs In Slab (screed) installation and the other for the upstairs panels as the home was very large. Green paint indicates the construction joins within the slab and the kitchen bend and cabinets.

Hydronic Heating In Screed Pipe Placement

These photos show the finished installation of Rehau red Pex A pipe onto the foam positioning board. Every in slab installation is pressurized and the water pressure gauge is monitored during the concrete pour so ensure the pipe is not damaged. The manifold is a brass Rehau manifold and the boiler was a Bosch Combi boiler. Note the pink spray indicating the kitchen bench and stairs.

Hydronic Heating In Screed Blue Foam

An architect designed extension to a home in Ivanhoe required an In Screed Hydronic Heating System. The blue pipe positioning board was laid across the construction slab and Red rehau pipe was installed back to a manifold under the stairs with the boiler being a Bosch condensing boiler. Air Conditioning was a Mitsubishi Electric Multi Split system for upstairs. A separate zone off the Hydronic was installed upstairs with its own thermostat control with De Longhi panels.