Ducted Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Split System

Ducted Split Systems are an all electric refrigerated heating and cooling solution designed for controlling climate throughout multiple areas.

They are called split systems as they employ two components:

  1. A condensing unit housing an air compressor, located outside a home.
  2. A fan coil unit, which is usually located in a home?s ceiling space and recycles air via a network of ducts and outlets.

Split systems can provide both heating and cooling, and often feature an Inverter operation, which means the compressor can adjust its output to maintain a more even temperature while reducing running costs. To reduce installation and running costs, split systems are often zoned so that they operate only in certain sections of a house at one time. A common set-up has a day zone (living areas) and night zone (bedrooms).

inverter control

Mercury also offers different sized units for different sized homes, as well as several options for the shape and size of ceiling outlets. Our representatives will measure and perform a heat load to determine the correct sizing of the units, outlets and discuss zoning options with you before installation.

If you would like to learn more about the installation process of cost of Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Systems then contact us on 1300 13 53 43 or visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us for a free quote.

fujitsu ducted air conditioningWe can supply and install a range of different brands, depending on you and your homes specific requirements. Whether you require a basic system, or a complex zoned system with custom linear grills, we are more than happy to advise you of your options.

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Ducted Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Benefits

  • Very Affordable running costs
  • Works very well in the majority of climates
  • Allows you to live in comfort all year round
PERFECT FOR MULTIPLE ROOMS OR AREAS OR A WHOLE HOUSE*A rough guide for sizing is 1kW of power will heat or cool 1 square of house
SMALL HOME/UNIT 10-14 squares: 5-7kW
MEDIUM HOME 15-24 squares: 7-12kW
LARGE HOME 25-35+ squares: 13-25kW
Prices range from $7,000 – $15,000+
(including installation and GST)
5 years parts and labour on the unit
6 years installation

MyAir 5

The MyAir 5 from Advantage Air is one of the most advanced home Air Conditioning management systems on the market today. It can manage 10 zones, individual room air flow control all on one control screen that is also a fully functioning tablet where you can check the weather, look at your calendar, browse the internet or use a whole range of different apps that you would on your regular iPad or tablet.

The thing that makes the MyAir 5 so unique is that it is compatible with all major air conditioning brands, something that other air conditioning management systems have been trying to achieve for years. The MyAir 5 also has incredible room air flow control that allows you to precisely control how much air each room receives. This is due to the Exact Air Regulator (EAR), which uses incredibly advanced technology that has long been reserved for complex high-rise commercial buildings.

Pictured below: The Exact Air Regulator from Advantage Air


The MyAir 5 can also utilise motion sensors to adjust the temperature in empty rooms, saving energy usage while you are not in that part of your home. If you enter that room again the temperature is automatically adjusted back to your chosen temperature setting. This can help create huge savings on your energy bills. The MyAir 5 can be used with any major brand of Ducted Refrigerated Cooling system as well, as any major brand of Small Duct System.

Other Air Conditioning options!

Mercury Heating & Cooling are the most experienced and trusted Refrigerated Cooling installation company in Melbourne. If Ducted Refrigerated Cooling is not the Air Conditioning solution you were looking for, check out our Wall Split System and Evaporative Cooling options.