Wall Split System Supply & Installation

The Wall Split systems look like modern air-conditioning units placed high on your walls. Each indoor unit will traditionally only control the temperature of a single room, however it is possible to have multiple units inside the home (up to about 5) connected to the single condensing unit outside, just like the ducted option. Wall Split’s are one of the most commonly installed types of air conditioning in Melbourne as they are affordable and relatively simple to install. Mercury has a vast range of sizes to fit different sized rooms and houses.


Small Room (Bedrooms)
= 2-3 kW System

Medium Home (Large Bedroom, Small Living Areas)
= 3-5 kW System

Large Home (Kitchen/Family, Living, Rumpus)
= 6-11 kW System


$699 – $3,499 ( inc GST ONLY)

$1,699 – $4,499 (inc Installation & GST)


5 years for parts and labour on the unit

6 years for installation

wall split system diagram

Wall Split System Benefits

  • Gives you temperature control of individual rooms
  • Very low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Run multiple indoor units off a single outdoor unit
  • Highly efficient on energy bills

What are Split System Air Conditioners?

A split system operates to both heat and cool your home. It earns the name ‘split’ due to the way it is separated into two major components;

  • The condensing unit that is installed outside the home.
  • The fan coil fitted inside your home.

Why Choose a Split System?

You have the convenience of both heating and cooling in a single unit; this is called a reverse cycle system. Some of the brands we offer have varying speeds in their external compressor that can make it more efficient at maintaining an even temperature and save you money on the running costs.

Split systems offer the ability to zone off sections of your house so you may control the temperature throughout different sections of the home.

If you want to learn more about the installation process of cost Wall Split Air Conditioning Systems then don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff on 1300 13 53 43 or visit our Contact Page for a free quote.

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Add-On Cooling Systems

These systems are added on to the existing ducted heating/cooling systems (above) that are in either the ceiling or floor. The ducting size for these Add On elements generally are larger than simple ducted heating, so there is a possibility if you decide to go with this product that we will also need to upgrade the existing system to a larger size for Air Conditioning.


  • This product is very quiet.
  • Able to cool your home significantly more than other options such as Evaporative Cooling
  • Works very effectively when sized properly on humid and exorbitantly hot days.
  • Only a single network of ducted outlets.

Sizing for a Zoned System:

Small Home (10-14 Square Meters)
= 5-7kW System

Medium Home (15-24 Square Meters)
= 7-12kW System

Large Home (23-35+ Square Meters)
= 13-18kW System


$6,500 – $12,000 (inc Installation & GST) depending on the size of the unit and the existing ducting/heater capacity

Operating Costs

Size of the unit, operating temperature outside, set temperature inside and design of the home can impact on the running costs of this product. therefore it is very difficult to estimate running costs.
actron add-on cooling unit

Things to keep in mind when purchasing Refrigerated Add On Systems:

Cost – Refrigerated Split Systems can be more expensive for initial purchase than Evaporative Cooling Systems. They also operate at a fixed speed so they can be more cost;y to run than similar sized Ducted Split Systems with inverter.

Operation – Generally these add on systems can only operate in part of the house at a single time.

Efficiency – The heated airflow is reduced slightly because it is now pushed through the cooling coil even when in heating mode.

Other Air Conditioning options!

If Wall Split System Air Conditioning is not the Cooling solution you were looking for, check out our Evaporative Cooling and Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning options.