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Hydronic Heating Piping Brands

Uponer Hydronic Heating Piping – Model Number 700163

hydronic heating white piping that measures 16MM X 2.00MM X 100M COIL

20mm x 2.25mm x 100m coil

uponer's multi layer composite pipe that dictates each of the layers
Uponer’s  Multi Layer Composite Piping (MLCP) consists of 3 layers. The central layer is the Longitudinally Welded Aluminium section that acts as the core element of the pipe. With one layer permanently bonded to either side of it using a special wielding technique there is the highest assurance for reliability. The Aluminium Thickness meets both comprehensive and strength needs.

Rehau Hydronic Heating Piping

Red Rehau Hydronic Heating Piping
  • Secure and Robust piping system
  • Complete piping solution (sizing 16 – 44mm)
  • Maximum protection against corrosion with EVOH oxygen barrier
  • More than 50 years of expected service life
  • Up to 90ºC or 10 bar (1,000 kpa) operating conditions

Tiemme Hydronic Heating Piping

These Al-Cobrapex pipes are multi layered with an aluminium core and are a perfect alternative to metal piping and some plastic pipes traditionally used in installation systems. The aluminium is placed between two layers of high-density cross-linked polyethylene PE-X plastic.
The three layers are held together with a strong adhesive to ensure your highest confidence in this product.