What is Ducted Gas Heating?

Gas Ducted Heating is a method of heating your house through the distribution of warm air via a system of ducts either built into the floor or roof of your home. Depending on whether your house has a concrete slap for the foundation will generally determine whether the ducts are built in to the roof or floor. The only part you can see of the ducted system is the vents that act as the exit for your beautifully warm air.

Why Should I Choose Gas Ducted Heating?

The one thing everyone wants to hear – Gas Ducted Heating is a very affordable way to warm up your house this winter. Both the installation and running costs of this product are highly cost effective.

Here are some benefits of Gas Ducted Heating:

  • Ducted heating systems can be installed in existing or new properties very easily, provided the property has enough space for ducts
  • Easy to zone your home for maximum comfort and control
  • Very energy efficient and uses gas, which is generally less expensive than electricity
  • Can be doubled as an air conditioning system, if you choose to install the correct system
  • Can stagger the installations (e.g. heating first, cooling later) to manage your budget

There have been great strides in improving the efficiency of gas ducted heating systems. With an assortment of systems ranging from 3 stars of efficiency (standard) to 5-6 stars (Ultra-high) you can be assured that your house will be heated in the most efficient manner possible, saving you money!

You can relax with the peace of mind in knowing that your Gas Ducted Heating has a warranty of:

– 3 years on the parts and labour
– 6 years on the installation
– 10 years on the heat exchanger and burners

Gas Ducted Heating Benefits

  • They are extremely cost effective in the long run
  • Renowned for being highly efficient
  • They usually need very little maintenance

How does Gas Ducted Heating work?

Gas Ducted Heaters use a fan to draw in air from outside and then pass the air over a heat exchanger to warm it. A return air vent then recirculates air to the furnace, beginning the whole cycle once again. The gas furnace is generally installed in the roof space or outside along the walls of your home. It can also be installed under the floor or even in cupboards if the space permits

Ductwork (which is connected to the heater/furnace) dispenses the heated air throughout the home, and is usually placed in the ceiling space or under the floor of the house.

The vents can be situated in the floor, ceiling, or sometimes the wall. These vents are the outlets for the ductwork that allows the warm air to be distributed throughout the home. Heating outlets are most effective when placed around the perimeter of your house, allowing the heated air to flow evenly throughout the space and warm your entire home.

What Sized Gas Ducted Heating System Should I Get?

There is a range of different sized systems in order to suit the size of your particular house. Our recommendation is that for each one square meter of your home that you wish to have access to the ducted system, you should dedicate 1kw of your systems power.
For larger home’s it is suggested that you zone off sections of your house to help you further reduce your running costs. This means you can determine which specific areas of your home will receive heat, to prevent wasted heat in other rooms.
large house image to depict the benefits of zoning off sections of your home to gas ducted heating to reduce running costs

What’s new in Gas Ducted Heating?

The new Braemar 7 Star High Efficiency Gas Ducted Heater!

We’re proud to present the first ever seven star conventional ducted gas heater! It’s the worlds most energy-efficient unit available. Braemar has a reputation for being product innovators, and now they have the most energy-efficient gas ducted heating range in Australia!

magIQtouch controller for supercool braemer evaporative cooling unitNow available with the innovative and intuitive touch screen controller MagIQtouch.

Find out more…

7 star braemar energy efficient conventional ducted gas heater

Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating

running costs savings per year 4,5,6 and 7 star ducted gas heaters vs 3 star on braemar units
CO2 emissions savings per year (tonnes) 4,5,6 and 7 star ducted gas heaters vs 3 star on braemar units

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