Advantage Air’s MyAir 5 is a fantastic product when you want to control your whole house’s temperature in one easy location, but what if you want to adjust your home lighting? Well they have a product that cover that too, MyLights. Using energy efficient 10-watt LED globes, MyLights gives you complete control over your home’s lighting from the touch of a button.

MyLights uses the same stylish and modern tablet control panel that MyAir uses, in fact if you have MyAir, you can integrate the two and access both settings from the one control. The user interface has been designed so you don’t have to read any instruction manual, it guides you through each step of the process with simple and easy to understand buttons and controls. MyLights gives you great comfort and security by being able to control your entire home’s lighting from one easy spot. If you’re out and want the lights to be on when you get home or you want to have certain lights on when you’re away on holiday, you can control everything from the MyLights app on your smartphone. MyLights even has two pre-made settings (that you can further customise) “Welcome” and “Goodbye” so you can change your entire home’s lighting with the touch of a single button, this comes in handy when you have to leave in a rush.

Pictured Below: MyLights tablet controller

advantage air mylights

Another fantastic feature of MyLights is MyEco. This setting automatically dims all of your LED lights, which usually run at 100%, to 80% brightness. You’ll barely notice the difference and you will have a huge drop in your power bill every month.
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