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Braemar Paradigm Series

bright red Braemar evaporative cooler on a red metal roof with bright blue sky in the background


Model LCQ 250 LCQ 350 LCQ 450 LCQ 550
Width (mm) 1150 1150 1150 1150
Depth (mm) 1150 1150 1150 1150
Height (mm) 685 685 835 835
Weight (mm) 79 80 89 91
Nominal Motor Power (W) 340 430 600 950
Cooling Capacity (KW)* 7.3 8.5 11.7 12.5
*The Paradigm models have the same cooling output as previous years, however, our new NATA accredited testing laboratory has enabled us to be much more accurate when calculating cooling capacities and these latest cooling capacities will be reflected in the specifications of all Seeley International models as well as in the test results of all our competitors’ models. The above data was drawn from Meridian Test Laboratory’s test analysis. The testing was performed by a NATA accredited laboratory to the requirements of the Australian standard AS2913-2000 “Evaporative Air Conditioning Equipment.” Achievable with ambient 38 °C DB, 21°C WB, room temperature 27.4 °C.

Paradigm Controller

Paradigm controller illustration for braemer evaporative cooling unit

Turns cooler on/off.

Used to select Auto or Manual mode. When set to Auto it will operate according to the temperature set at the wall control.
To switch to Manual mode, click AUTO until ‘Man’ appears. you can then choose to circulate cooled or non-cooler air.

Used in Manual mode to either circulate cool or non-cool air.

Used to increase/decrease the speed of the fan.

Used to set an automatic time for the unit to turn on/off.

front page of braemer evaporative cooling owners manual PDF

Owners Manual
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