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Coolbreeze Cascade Evaporative Air Conditioning Series

brown Cascade cool breeze evaporative cooler

The CoolBreeze Cascade  Evaporative Cooling unit gives a whole new meaning to the word discreet. With architecturally designed contours to allow the unit to fit perfectly along the lines of the roof, all electrical connections, plumbing and fans are hidden from view. In many cases the unit is almost undetectable from the street view. The Cascade range is perfect for maintaining the stylish design of your home, and the value of your property without any loss in it’s efficiency.

Product Specifications

Model KW* Cooling Capacity Airflow
(Litre/sec @
Motor Size
C125  10.2 125 2100 600 760
(at front)
C160  12.7 160 2350 750 760
(at front)
C205  15.4 205 2800 1000 880
(at front)
C240  16.8 240 3000 1000 990
(at front)

* Airflow tested in accordance with ISO5801: Fan performance testing utilising standardised airways. KW capacities calculated according to AS2913-2000 under standardised conditions, inlet dry bulb temp 38o, inlet wet bulb temp 21o and comfort dry bulb temp27.4o. Calculations based on air flow test as per CSIRO report 00/228 and Saturation Efficiency test as per CSIRO report 90/16m.

** AirGroup Australia pursues a policy of continuous development and therefore reserves the right to make product changes without notice. Evaporative air-conditioning cooling performance reduces during high humidity. Installation and commissioning to manufacturers specifications, industry standards and State regulations is the responsibility of the installer. Pictures for illustration purposes only. Always refer to your quotation for specific details of products.

Is Evaporative Cooling Quiet?

Evaporative cooling is quite superior when it comes to operation noise. With our 3 layered Air Conditioning Ducting the acoustic quality is without competition, tested to AS 1277-1983, absorbing up to 75% of noise in comparison to standard ducts. The use of a Dropper Chute also provides less noise – up to 7dBa quieter.

Air conditioning ducting on the right and dropper chute on the left

Does Evaporative Cooling distribute the air evenly around the home?

The use of Ezyvent Ceiling Diffusers allows for the most even distribution of air possible. The Dropper Chute also allows for up to 15% increase in air flow enhancing the performance of the cooling unit.

Ezyvent Ceiling Diffuser for coolbreeze evaporative cooling

Since Evaporative Cooling involves the pull of outside air into my home, does this mean my home will be exposed to the outside elements?

Evaporative cooling has the option of a Weather Seal to help prevent drafts and loss of heat during the cooler months.

weather seal option with description for coolbreeze evaporative cooler

Do I have to keep windows and doors open all the time when using evaporative cooling?

There is an optional addition of a Security Vent/Air Relief Vent that provides an insulation barrier between the roof and the ceiling that relieves air into the ceiling space and will allow you to operate your unit with doors and windows shut.

security vent/air relief vent as an additional option for coolbreeze evaporative coolers
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Coolbreeze Residential Brochure 2015
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