Actron Air ESP Ultima – Multi Zone Control

The Actron Ultima is simply the best and most advanced solution for a multi zone ducted refrigerated air conditioning system. They have solved the issues that previous manufacturers of multi zone systems and controls could not, and put it all together in a package that delivers amazing results – the feedback we get from our Actron Ultima customers is fantastic.

What is Actron Ultima and how does it work?
It is a reverse cycle ducted split system that allows for individual temperature control of up to 8 zones. It utilises digital scroll technology on the Outdoor Unit Compressor to allow the system to turn down on the low end to approx 10% of maximum capacity – much lower than comparable Inverter Technology units. When this is combined with the Variable Fan Technology on the Indoor unit it means that the system when required can operate through as little as one zone (or in many cases 1 x Ceiling outlet) at a time. Below we have listed the two zoning scenarios that you can achieve with the Actron Air ESP Ultima.

Multiple zones are on and set for different temperatures eg: Bed 1 = 23, Bed 2 = 21, Bed 3 = 22, Bed 4 = 24, Living = 22, Games = 23, Spare Bedroom = Off

ACTRON ULTIMA: each zone has an individual temperature sensor to enable the system to maintain a precise airflow and therefore temperature. It only uses as much of the compressor as is required for the exact amount of zones open and current internal household temperatures. Airflow is also adjusted automatically to the precise amount required for each zone. This reduces noise and operating costs.

OTHER AIR CON SOLUTIONS: the system only has a single thermostat so can only read an “average” of temperature. The rooms that are on the hotter North and West sides are often not adequately cooled and rooms on the South and East sides are often cooled below desired and set point temperature.

Actron Air ESP Ultima outside unit for multi zone control
Actron air ESP Ultima control

Minimal zones are on – ie: only 1 or 2 zones are on – (or when majority of zones reach temperature)

ACTRON ULTIMA: the system has the important ability to reduce both the compressor (as it uses digital scroll technology) and the indoor fan output. Eg: a large 20kW rated unit can reduce the compressor down to just 1.89kW and only 200 litres/second – enough for quiet airflow to a single outlet in a single bedroom.

OTHER AIR CON SOLUTIONS: You simply do not have the ability to turn the system down to one or two rooms. A comparable 20kW Inverter Unit can only reduce the compressor down to approx 11kW and the indoor fan can only reduce down to approx 650 litres/second. Excess air must be dumped into hallways or other zones.

  • Ultimate zoning capability to suit your lifestyle and saves even more energy
    • Create and control up to 8 different temperature zones in your home
    • Master controller sets master temperature for your home
    • Individual Zone controller sets temperature for each of the individual zones
    • Optional Zone sensors also available
    • Advanced zoning system that varies airflow to a minimum zone
    • Operate as little as 1 zone in your home. Ideal for those hot summer nights where you only want to keep your bedroom comfortable without wasting energy cooling the rest of your home
    • To maximise system efficiency, ESP Ultima™ has a factory preset maximum span of 4°C between individual zones and ±2°C between the master controller and individual zones.
  • Incorporates the energy efficient design features of the award winning ESP Plus® air conditioning system
    • Independent energy modelling indicates energy consumption can be reduced by up to 61%* vs conventional air conditioning systems
    • Digital variable capacity compressor delivers 10 to 100% capacity for maximum performance
  • Air Conditioning with Advanced Airflow Capability
    • Quiet start Variable Fan Technology (VFT)
    • Automatically senses when zones are on or off and intuitively adjusts air flow
  • Quicker, more precise temperature control
Floor plan of a home with multiple temperatures set thanks to their actron air ESP Ultima heating & Cooling unit
Internal and External units for Actron Air Ducted Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Air Conditioning System