Evaporative Cooling Supply & Installation

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative Coolers typically sit on the roof of your house. You probably would have seen them countless times throughout your life without really registering what they are. Evaporative coolers are often the go-to choice for Melbourne home owners as they suit the relatively low-humidity climate and are very cost effective. Mercury Heating & Cooling are the most experienced and trusted evaporative cooling installation company in Melbourne.

Evaporative cooling operates by running water over what we call special Celdek Filter Pads. These pads then have large volumes of fresh air drawn through them and into the home. As the air comes through these pads, some of the moisture evaporates to create the cooling sensation to the air. Evaporative cooling is a ducted system so you can experience the fresh and comfortable breeze throughout your home. Unlike most other cooling systems, you can have doors and windows open when operating an evaporative system, meaning you won’t simply have recycled and stale air circulating your families home. For many people, evaporative cooling is a fantastic cost-effective option for cooling their home (for both installation and running costs) particularly in the Melbourne climate which suits evaporative coolers very well.

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Why Should I Choose Evaporative Cooling in Melbourne?

There are many reasons to choose evaporative cooling, here are just a few:

  • The biggest Evaporative Cooler still isn’t as expensive as the cheapest Refrigerated Air-Conditioner. With the costs ranging from $3,200 – $5,500 Evaporative Cooling is a financially favourable option.
  • Running costs on hot days usually equate to less that $1 a day.
  • Evaporative Cooling installation is generally cheaper than other options.
  • Evaporative Cooling uses fresh air, not recycled, which is a benefit for your entire family. Refrigerated Cooling can cause discomfort in your sinuses and be a problem for asthmatics.
  • Evaporative Cooling is beneficial for the environment with no energy guzzling compressors or refrigerant gasses meaning it uses up to 80% less electricity and does not contribute anywhere near as much to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Traditionally Refrigerated Systems require you to select the rooms you believe you will use the most, so as to only cool those sections to try and reduce costs, however with Evaporative Cooling you have the ability to cool your entire house at a fraction of the price with no need for zoning.

Mercury Heating & Cooling are the most trusted company for the supply and installation of evaporative cooling in Melbourne. If you want to learn about the Evaporative Cooling installation process or costs then contact us on 1300 13 53 43 or visit our Contact Page to get a free quote.

Evaporative Cooling Benefits

  • Extremely low running costs
  • Fresh and natural air circulation throughout the home
  • The cheapest way to cool your home
coolbreeze remote control for evaporative cooler
diagram to show how evaporative airconditioners work drawing outside air in through a water soaked pad and into the home
diagram showing the different modes for evaporative coolers, the one on the left shows OPEN MODE, the middle shows EXHAUST MODE, nd the right shows CLOSED MODE

Evaporative Cooling Features

Fan Only Mode – for days with high humidity when all you want is fresh air circulating around the house.

Cool Mode – uses both the water and fan to cool your house.

Auto Set and Forget – you select the temperature and then the system will determine the appropriate fan speed.

Exhaust Mode – a reverse mode to expel odours or smoke. Appropriate all year round.

Timer – ability to determine turn on and turn off times for your cooling system. Perfect for hot Summer nights where you don’t want to run it all night.

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

Both washing & draining when turned on and off, and weather seal to prevent heat escaping through ducting in winter are automatic.

You will not have to get up on the roof to alter settings, drain the unit etc.

A general service is recommended every 3 years like regular ducted heating systems.

When making an informed decision on your cooling system, keep in mind all the benefits Evaporative Cooling offers; however, be aware that it is not as cold, and not as effective on high humidity days as Refrigerated Air-conditioning. Melbourne generally has a fairly low level of humidity throughout the year, meaning that Evaporative Cooling is generally a fantastic cost effective way to cool your home.

Other Air Conditioning options!

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