Nothing beats the bliss of stepping into a beautifully cooled house after a hard day in the Australian sun. Survive the Melbourne summer this year with a new cooling system. Mercury offers a range of the best cooling products to help your entire family feel comfortable at an affordable price to match your budget.

Our Products

Ducted Evaporative Cooling allows you to keep your entire home cool during summer with very little running costs. It provides a circulation of fresh, outdoor air.

Add On Cooling Systems can be attached to existing Ducted Heating or Cooling systems. This can be a cost effective way to add Air Conditioning to a home that has existing ducts.

Wall Split System Air Conditioning allows you to have heating and cooling from just the one system. It is perfect for temperature control of individual rooms throughout your home.

Ducted Refrigerated Heating and Cooling is the “premier” home air conditioning option. It works very well in the majority of climates and allows you keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round.